Green Streets: Progress and Challenges in San Diego

APA California Chapter, San Diego Section


Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 11:30 a.m.
Monday, September 4, 2017, 1:30 p.m. PDT

San Diego, CA, United States

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The goal of the Green Streets Luncheon is to introduce the concept of green streets and examine how to achieve its numerous beneficial components in the San Diego region regardless of design and policy barriers.  The luncheon will first address the current green streets landscape in San Diego and will examine potential policy solutions such as alternative compliance. Two case studies will be examined to reveal potential challenges and lessons learned of implementing green streets. The goal of the luncheon will be achieved through a series of four speakers and a Q&A segment.

Green Streets Framework:  Mike Singleton AICP, CTP, LEED, AP, PLA ‐ KTUA

Set the stage for discussing Green Streets, as it relates to Complete Streets and Stormwater Management. 


Green Streets Policy Update: Bob Leiter FAICP– Former Planning Director

Speak about the state of policy around green infrastructure in San Diego and how it relates to green streets.

Address the utilization of credits to fulfill stormwater retention alternative compliance.

Discuss how green streets could be utilized to achieve alternative compliance.

Reveal what is standing in the way of getting alternative compliance.


Green Streets Policy Update: Kathy Garcia FASLA, LEED, AP – City of Del Mar 

Address how the City of Del Mar is developing a Green Streets/Complete Streets

Relate policy to their Climate Action plan


Case Study: Rick Barrett LEED, AP –MIG

Provide case studies for green field and built environments.

Address how the many components of green streets can contribute to place making. 


Case Study: Phil Armstrong PLA, ASLA –Lightfoot Planning Group - City of Oceanside

Describe the Oceanside Mission Ave. project and how challenges were overcome throughout the planning, design, and construction phases. 

Explain how the added value of a green street contributed to the ability to complete the project.


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Philip Armstrong

Confirmed Speaker

Philip Armstrong PLA, ASLA The Lightfoot Planning Group With nearly 30 years of professional experience as a licensed landscape architect, Phil’s approach to project design applies creative and sustainable strategies that endeavor to realize a project’s full potential. As Senior Landscape Architect at The Lightfoot Planning Group, Phil ... Read More

Rick Barrett

Confirmed Speaker

Rick Barrett (LEED AP) integrates landscape design and urban planning, drawing creative inspiration from collaboration with colleagues, nature, art, literature and the urban form of cities. He has expertise in complex, large-scale planning and design projects, as well as smaller, more intimate plazas and parks. He brings a holistic understanding ... Read More

Robert Leiter, FAICP

Confirmed Speaker

Bob Leiter has had a distinguished career in city and regional planning in California for over 40 years. His work in city planning started in 1975, and included service as planning director for the cities of Ventura, Escondido, San Rafael and Chula Vista. In 2003, he was appointed as Director ... Read More

Michael Singleton, AICP CTP

Confirmed Speaker

Mike has been in the planning and design profession for 36 years. He often feels like he is in a professional metaphor of twister, with one foot in community planning, one in landscape architecture, a hand in transportation planning and another in sustainability. His alphabet soup of letters after his ... Read More

Kathleen Garcia

Confirmed Speaker

Kathleen Garcia is the Planning & Community Development Director for the City of Del Mar, CA. She is responsible for the development review, long range planning, building department, code enforcement, and Clean Water Program for this coastal community. In addition to her municipal responsibilities, Kathleen teaches the Sustainable Planning course in ... Read More

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