Visions and Missions: How the Mission Inn Became the Most Revered and Influential landmark in Riverside County

APA California Chapter, Inland Empire Section


Thursday, October 19, 2017
9:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. CDT

Riverside, CA, United States

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The City of Riverside’s rich history is clearly manifested in its built and natural environments.  Unquestionably, the Mission Inn is the most prominent and celebrated landmark tied to a romanticized narrative that lead to the emergence of one of the largest global economies in the world: the State of California.

This year’s symposium will explore Riverside’s agrarian origins that permitted the creation of wealth through farming, land speculation, real estate and entertainment.  Trough different perspectives, speakers will explore contributions in planning, design and art from visionaries whose common denominator is the Mission Inn.

 Learning Objectives


1.     Attendees will learn the origins of Spanish Revival architecture and its influence on memorable landmarks of Southern California through exploring the Mission Inn’s history

2.     Attendees will be able to name the major forces and individuals who created and preserved the Mission Inn before and after California became part of the United States territory.

3.     Attendees will discern the value of knowing the history of a place and its influence in planning, architecture and art using the Mission Inn’s history as a case study


4.     Attendees will be able to identify how the intersection of planning, history, architecture and art can help improve economic development and health outcomes.

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Paul Clark

Paul Clark started work with the Riverside County Planning Department in October 1979 as part of the old Subdivision Section in the Riverside office. He previously attended college at Cal State Fullerton and was employed there as a graduate assistant. Paul started at the entry-level position of Junior Planner, and ... Read More

Mark Roberson

Mark Roberson came to Riverside and California Baptist University in September 2011 to begin his role as founding Dean of College of Architecture, Visual Arts & Design, and to launch CBU’s new architecture program. Prior to coming to CBU, Mark was the Vice President and Director of Design for Fender ... Read More

Steve Lech

Steve Lech was born and raised in Riverside, California. He has been interested in local history for more than 35 years. When he began working for Riverside County, he became increasingly interested in the county as a whole, which has led him to research and write 7 books of various ... Read More

Monica Guerra

Planner, Raimi+Associates Monica Guerra is a planner with Raimi + Associates. Her work is focused on building healthier and more equitable communities across the state. She also supports the Career Ladders Project as a consultant, working to improve economic and educational opportunities for students by building career pathways, workforce development ... Read More

Erin Gettis

City Historic Preservation Officer and Principal Planner, City of Riverside Erin Gettis is the Principal Planner responsible for oversight of the Neighborhood Engagement Division, which includes Historic Preservation, Neighborhoods and Health in the Community and Economic Development Department. The Neighborhood Engagement Division focuses on meaningful community engagement utilizing Asset-Based Community ... Read More

Patrick Brien

Executive Director, Riverside Arts Council Patrick Brien has been with the Riverside Arts Council since 2004. Prior to that, he ran professional theatre companies in various parts of the United States and Europe. He has an extensive dramatherapy background, having been part of the artistic staff of Orange County's ... Read More

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