Walkable + Diverse Cities: What could go wrong?

APA Wisconsin Chapter


Wednesday, April 11, 2018
noon - 1 p.m. CDT

milwaukee, WI, United States

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Dr. Talen will share perspective on the complications of trying to have cities that are both socially diverse and well-designed and walkable. She will discuss that most often, these two goals are at odds. Come for a dynamic evening that will look at questions such as:

    •       What has been the historical experience of the well-designed, walkable city?

            •           What strategies can be used to insure that cities are built to be equitable and inclusive, while also maintaining a high quality public realm?





Emily Talen

Emily Talen is Professor of Urbanism at the University of Chicago. Her research is devoted to urban design and the relationship between the built environment and social equity. Her books include: New Urbanism and American Planning, Design for Diversity, Urban Design Reclaimed, City Rules, and Retrofitting Sprawl: Addressing 70 Years ... Read More

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