Autonomous Vehicle Policy Conference

APA California Chapter, Orange Section


Thursday, May 24, 2018
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. PDT

Anaheim, CA, United States

CM | 6.50

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This Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Policy Conference will bring together local and regional governments and stakeholders to learn about the policy issues we will face with the advent of AVs. AV technology brings the potential to make great progress in providing greater access, address equity issues, reduce greenhouse gases, reduce congestion, reduce the cost of travel, create public space, improve safety and make our communities healthier and more livable.  At the same time, AV technology could also exacerbate congestion, sprawl suburbs further out, increase greenhouse gas emissions, exacerbate inequities, and make communities less livable.  The outcomes will depend on public policies that are put into place.  With so much at stake, we need to prepare for this future. This conference will provide information on such topics as:

An overview of AV Planning and Policy Issues

State of the Technology

Transportation as a Service and Transit Services

Local Issues: Land Use Planning; Curb Management; Parking Codes; Fiscal











Ryan Snyder

Confirmed Speaker

Ryan Snyder is Principal with Transpo Group, a transportation planning and engineering firm that prepares sustainable transportation plans. He is coordinating a series of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Policy Conferences to educate and prepare local and regional stakeholders for policymaking related to AVs. Snyder is a member of the Autonomous Vehicle ... Read More

Kate Meis

Confirmed Speaker

Kurt Brotcke

Confirmed Speaker


Sam Morrissey

Confirmed Speaker

Sam Morrissey serves as the Manager of Planning and Environmental Services for WSP in California and Nevada. Sam has over 18 years of experience in transportation planning and engineering, including a mix of public and private sector expertise leading a wide range of planning and engineering projects across the spectrum ... Read More

Debs Schrimmer

Confirmed Speaker

Debs Schrimmer is a Senior Transportation Policy Manager at Lyft, where she helps oversee Lyft's transportation policy initiatives around sustainability, infrastructure, public transportation, and the environment. Prior to Lyft, she worked at Code for America, helping cities use data and technology to redesign how they deliver services, and as ... Read More

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