Workshop for Women in Planning and Design: Balancing the Process.

APA California Chapter, Northern Section


Tuesday, June 5, 2018
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. PDT

CM | 2
E | 1.50

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This workshop will train planners to engage the community using hands-on activities. This 2- hour hands-on workshop will discuss how we can increase the role of women in the planning and design of our public spaces.  Women have different needs for safety and security and yet their concerns may not be considered.  Shalini Agarwal andJames Rojas will start with a playful activity that explores female’s values toward public space by examining our enduring childhood memories. Than we will have small group discussion about "woman's space" and build it! How can we be part of the decision making process. 

The workshop activities will make it possible to engage the planners in spatiality rich and subtle ways that aren't possible in other settings or methods.  Photos, maps, video and computer models are excellent at capturing various aspects of urban space, but necessarily do so in an abstracted way.

The workshop will tap into the planner’s visual, spatial, and experiential knowledge of the city. Through hands-on building with objects the planners will be able to learn to be directly involved and engaged participants—as opposed to “audiences” or passive viewers—in a creative and collaborative urban planning process.


James Rojas

Place It! founder James Rojas holds an MA in City Planning and an MS in Architecture Studies from MIT. He works as a city and transportation planner, and is the founder of the Latino Urban Forum, a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of planning and design issues facing low-income Latinos ... Read More

Shalini Agarwal

Shalini Agrawal is trained as an architect and has over 20 years of experience facilitating multi-disciplinary workshops between participants of all ages, ethnicities, and socio-economic statuses. She is co-founder of the non-profit Architreasures in Chicago, where she created and facilitated the community engagement programming, and is founder and principal at ... Read More

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