Disrupting Disruption Culture

APA California Chapter, Northern Section


Thursday, July 12, 2018
noon - 1 p.m. PDT

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July’s brownbag will feature two exciting speakers from the City of San Francisco who have led innovative work on emerging mobility in a global center of innovation and disruption. Their work on emerging mobility has resulted in a new cross-agency framework to guide future studies and initiatives for sidewalk delivery robots, self-driving cars, e-scooters, and much more.


Danielle Harris

Danielle Harris is the lead planner for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s Office of Innovation. Her work is focused on facilitating alignment between emerging mobility technologies and services and San Francisco’s goals for a safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation system. As part of her work, she explores ... Read More

Warren Logan

Warren Logan is a senior planner for the San Francisco Country Transportation Authority. His work includes managing the agency’s emerging mobility studies and evaluating how these services impact the city’s long-range transportation goals. As part of his work, Warren recently released a draft evaluation report of emerging mobility ... Read More

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