Inclusionary Housing in Virginia

APA Virginia Chapter


Thursday, August 30, 2018
9 a.m. - noon EDT

Richmond, VA, United States

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Following the release of the first Virginia-specific “Inclusionary Housing Guidebook” in 2017, Housing Virginia is offering a series of workshops that will demonstrate how localities can use old and new tools at their disposal to create vibrant, mixed-income communities. These sessions will explore why affordable homes are a critical component to healthy neighborhoods, what the state and federal legal framework allows regarding “inclusionary zoning” and other land use tools to encourage a wide range of home for persons of all incomes, how other localities in Virginia and across the nation are accomplishing this goal, and why communities must build custom-tailored solutions for their specific housing needs.

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Erica Sims

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Robert Adams

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Jonathan Knopf

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Jonathan is the Senior Associate for Research and Programs at HDAdvisors, providing data collection and analysis for affordable housing nonprofits across Virginia. He specializes in using GIS to create maps that help tell the story of housing needs throughout the state. His research covers inclusionary zoning, real estate market analysis ... Read More

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