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Thursday, November 1, 2018
10 a.m. - 11 a.m. PDT

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Integral Group Deep Green Engineering is an international team of mechanical, electrical, sustainability professionals with a goal of creating net-zero, cost-neutral buildings by envisioning and pushing on innovation. Our speakers will present the current use of LEED as it is being used in the public, private, and institutional sectors. Specifically, how it is furthering and benchmarking key and comprehensive elements of sustainability, resilience, and high-performance design. They will share which cities, institutions and agencies are using LEED as their sustainability policy framework to drive proactive response to mitigating climate change, as well as some significant Bay Area projects striving for high LEED goals and those that were “Zero Energy at Zero Cost”, the all-electric, zero energy buildings that were built at no added first cost of construction.



Andrea Traber

Andrea Traber contributes over 25 years of experience as Project Architect and Principal on numerous green building projects, sustainable master plans, climate action plans and energy programs to the Integral Group team. Throughout her career, Andrea has dedicated herself as an industry leader in sustainability and resilience having served on ... Read More

John Andary

John Andary is Bioclimatic Design Leader and Senior Principal at Integral Group where he brings over 30 years of energy-focused engineering experience to the firm. John’s work at Integral centers on passive and climate-based architectural and engineering design solutions to improve occupant health, thermal comfort and energy efficiency in ... Read More

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