Vested Rights Based on Zoning Administrator Mistake After Board of Supervisors vs Rhoads

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Monday, March 25, 2019
noon - 1 p.m. EDT

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Estoppel of a zoning administrator to fix a previous written determination has been allowed in Virginia Code section 15.2-2311(C) since 1996, but the Supreme Court had never held that the subsection applied to estop anyone until recently when it decided the Board of Supervisors vs Rhoads. Come hear from the legal team that defended the zoning administrator, hear the issues and how the Supreme Court came down on them, what it means for zoning administrators going forward, and some lessons learned.

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Andrew McRoberts

Invited Speaker

Andrew McRoberts offers congenial and specialized outside counsel for Virginia local governments and officials, and non-government entities needing experienced solutions for their unique legal needs. A member of the firm’s Government Group, Andrew provides complete legal guidance in zoning issues, tax assessment, and other complex litigation. Through consultative relationships ... Read More

Christopher Mackenzie

Invited Speaker

Chris offers a congenial interest in guiding burgeoning local businesses to thrive. He focuses his practice on real estate, business formation and operations, and civil litigation. Chris assists a range of clients with their real estate and business interests, including commercial real estate developers, localities, community associations, and retail businesses ... Read More

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