The Importance of Community Planning for Energy

APA Pennsylvania Chapter


Wednesday, April 10, 2019
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. EDT

Washinton, PA, United States

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The Importance of Community Planning for Energy


The policies and processes of local governments have a tremendous impact on global energy use. However, most current initiatives designed to conserve energy and reduce energy bills tend to focus on individual buildings rather than whole communities. This session will explain current trends in energy production, transmission, and consumption as well as explore the impacts that local decision-makers have on their communities’ energy use and costs. Speakers will share their knowledge about how innovative design, planning, and financing tools can facilitate energy efficiency efforts beyond the building scale.  As a result of this session, participants will learn how to make more informed decisions about local energy consumption.


Learning Objectives:

1.       Identify and describe current trends in the production, transmission, and consumption of energy.

2.       Explain the impacts of planners and the planning profession on energy consumption, conservation, and efficiency.

3.       Describe the relationship between the built environment and energy consumption in a community.

4.       Discuss tools, techniques, and financing mechanisms employed by architects, engineers, and planners to conserve energy and reduce energy costs for individuals and organizations.

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Isaac Smith

Prior to joining GBA, Isaac worked as a contractor with Pittsburgh 2030 District Founding Partner, BNY Mellon, where he developed a waste management collection pilot program for its local campus. He implemented the first employee-wide waste audit there, organizing volunteers to sort and weigh desk waste of over 7,000 ... Read More

Chris Velasco

For 25 years, Chris has been actively engaged in the development of leading-edge communities. He has worked in over two hundred cities around the world, and has been a leader in the creation of over $1 billion in new mixed-use, specialty facilities. In early 2013, Chris and PLACE cofounder, Elizabeth ... Read More

Alanna Colvin

Alanna Colvin is a technical advisor with Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP); hosted by Penn State, she works from the Penn State Center in the Energy Innovation Center in Pittsburgh. PennTAP provides energy assessments and other energy programs and training throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Alanna supports the Building Re-Tuning ... Read More

Joel Morrison

Joel is with the EMS Energy Institute located at Penn State’s University Park campus. He has a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Bloomsburg State University and a Master of Science in Mineral Processing from the Pennsylvania State University. He has actively been engaged in the Pennsylvania energy industry ... Read More

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