Wisconsin Economic Development Association's: Impact through Redevelopment

APA Wisconsin Chapter


Wednesday, July 17, 2019
8:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. CDT

Milwaukee, WI, United States

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This course will provide attendees with a framework for the redevelopment process, whether it is for one building, a city block or an entire business district. 

Content will be presented along three main components of strategy: 

1) The inspiration/vision for the redevelopment. We will discuss drivers of redevelopment including blight elimination, business expansion, sprawl prevention, resilience, and historic preservation.  We will explore when, why and how to engage the public and what could happen without public engagement (the right kind at the right time).  We will delve into the importance of leadership (types and sources) to drive the vision.

2) Methods and processes for evaluating the project to ensure positive impacts financially, politically and socially.  This section will walk attendees through fiscal and economic impact analysis of redevelopment projects.  We will discuss political pitfalls and challenges, including the expense vs. goals of redevelopment and long-term, less easily measured gains, and finding a balance between new construction and historic preservation.  We will also touch on social goals/outcomes of redevelopment vs. lack of action.

3) Steps to effective implementation of redevelopment strategies – from vision to completion.  This portion of the session will include effective communication tips, financial tools to aid the process and ways to celebrate the history and future of the redevelopment subject area.  We will also discuss why plans don’t get implemented.

Presenters will provide classroom style presentations with impactful case study examples.  Attendees will be engaged in hands-on activities which will better equip them for learning and using content in their own communities.


Optional Activity: Following the formal program, interested participants are invited to stay for a 30-minute brainstorming discussion about redevelopment projects in their communities. 


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Kristen Fish-Peterson

Kristen Fish-Peterson, CEcD, Principal/CEO Redevelopment Resources Kristen’s work through Redevelopment Resources focuses on bringing results to businesses and communities through proactive commercial real estate development and redevelopment, market analysis, creative financing, tax incremental financing district creation and implementation, organizational structure consulting and business recruitment/retention. Equipping communities with ... Read More

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker, AICP LEED AP, Principal/Practice Area Leader, Planning + Urban Design Group, GRAEF Economic Development Director, City of South Milwaukee Stephanie serves as the Principal/Practice Area Leader of the Planning + Urban Design Group at GRAEF. Working as a team of 7, primarily from GRAEF’s Green Bay, Madison ... Read More

John Stibal

John F. Stibal, Development Department Director City of West Allis, Wisconsin As the City of West Allis Director of Development, John has guided the city’s redevelopment, economic development, city planning, and housing efforts for nearly 30 years. He has successfully led the West Allis Department of Development utilizing his ... Read More

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Kristen Fish-Peterson, kristen@redevelopment-resources.com