APA Colorado Chapter


Tuesday, May 21, 2019
7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. MDT

Denver, CO, United States

CM | 1.50

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Join us for a lively conversation about the term “modern.” What makes a building modern? Which modernist structures should be saved? What’s the difference between modern, contemporary, or just plain new? After a Modernism 101 talk, we’ll have a conversation with Adrian Kinney, specialist in midcentury modern real estate, and Brad Evans, who runs the Facebook page, Denver Fugly. Many thanks to our event sponsor, Sopra Communities, and our partner the Denver Architecture Foundation.

Learning Objectives:

1. the basic design concepts of Mid Century Modern style architecture

2. the merits and challenges with preserving this style of architecture


3. that despite challenges that are creative ways to make these structures continue to meet the needs of individual home owners and institutions 


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Abbey Christman

Abbey has served as the Senior City Planner in the Landmark Preservation Department at the City and County of Denver for the past three years. In her role she oversees many aspects of the Landmark process. Abbey received her Masters of Arts in Public History from Middle Tennessee State University. Read More

Adrian Kinney

Adrian Kinney received a bachelor’s of science in Business Administration with a concentration in real estate at Colorado State University. After graduation, Adrian worked as a real property appraiser for the City and County of Denver. This experience helped him learn how assessed values were calculated, and how many ... Read More

Brad Evans

Brad K. Evans is a different kind of leader, one who casts a skewed entrepreneurial light upon all his pursuits -- of which there are many. And he does it all with a sense of humor and adventure. Artist, designer, dumpster diver, realtor and bike advocate, Evans is probably best known ... Read More

Annie Levinsky

Annie Robb Levinsky is the Executive Director of Historic Denver, Inc., a position she has held since 2009. Through her work at Historic Denver Annie seeks to inspire ideas and actions that support the city’s historic fabric and contribute to a vibrant and dynamic community with a unique identity ... Read More

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