2020 Florida Legislative Preview

1000 Friends of Florida


Wednesday, December 11, 2019
noon - 1:30 p.m. EST

CM | 1.50
L | 1.50

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The actions taken during the 2020 Florida Legislative Session will have significant public policy impacts for planning, conservation, transportation, community design and other issues of concern to many Floridians with myriad impacts for concerned citizens, professionals, local elected officials and others.  1000 Friends President Paul Owens, Board Member Emeritus and Past Chairman Lester Abberger, and others will discuss key growth management, design, conservation and related bills including budget recommendations that are being considered during the 2019 Florida Legislative Session and other legislation that may surface as the session progresses.  There will be a discussion of how this legislation could impact state and local governance and planning in Florida.  

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Paul Owens

Invited Speaker

Paul Owens is President of 1000 Friends of Florida and works with the Board of Directors to implement the policies and programs of the organization. With the Orlando Sentinel since 2002, Paul served as Opinions Editor since 2013. In that capacity he wrote extensively on growth management, environment and quality ... Read More

Lester Abberger

Invited Speaker

Lester Abberger of Tallahassee is past chair of 1000 Friends of Florida and is a Board Member Emeritus. He is chairman of The Trust for Public Land (TPL) Florida Advisory Council, serves on the TPL National Leadership Council, is chair of the Florida Conservation Campaign, and is a director and ... Read More

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Vivian Young, vyoung@1000fof.org