Oil and Gas Development: Local Responses

Towns, cities, and counties hosting oil and gas development deal with a variety of opportunities and challenges felt at the local level. These issues became increasingly pressing over the past ten years as advances in technology brought a surge in unconventional oil and gas development to new areas. More recently oil and gas prices have fallen significantly, leading to a fall in new drilling activity and, therefore, an economic slowdown in many formerly-booming areas.

This session will explore the diverse approaches that local jurisdictions are taking in response to the challenges presented by oil and gas development. Participants will walk away with an overview of the tools available to local jurisdictions, detailed insight into a handful of promising approaches, and information about how to explore further.

You will learn about:

  • Tools and approaches to manage the social, economic, environmental, and fiscal impacts of oil and gas development at the local level.
  • Approaches that municipalities and counties are using to manage the effects of oil and gas development.