Large Landscape Conservation: East and West

The conservation of large landscapes has emerged as a common goal of planners, environmentalists, and supporters of farming, ranching, and timbering over the long term. This session compares the successes and obstacles in preserving large landscapes in the eastern and western United States. The three speakers will present case studies of large landscape conservation efforts in Colorado, New Mexico, and Montana, as well as Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.

In the West, land trusts, rather than state and local governments, have led the large landscape efforts. In the more densely settled East, local government land use planning has generally directed preservation efforts.

You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of preserving large landscapes to achieve multiple goals, including working landscapes (agriculture and forestry), wildlife habitat protection, and conserving water resources
  • The differences in obstacles and opportunities that planners and local governments face in the Eastern and Western United States
  • Opportunities for creating public-private partnerships for large landscape conservation
  • Funding sources to support large landscape conservation 
  • The elements of successful large landscape conservation efforts, and how they can be applied in communities and regions