Flowing Rivers: The Natural Connection

The Colorado River Basin is characterized by majestic mountains and rivers fed primarily by snowmelt.  From large cities to small mountain towns, these rivers and their associated recreation and tourism can be the economic lifeblood of a community. In addition, the river channels and associated wetlands provide multiple benefits to the community such as flood control, urban heat island mitigation, and clean water.

Some western communities have taken innovative approaches to ensure that rivers, wetlands, and waterways have sufficient water to support the natural environment under the unique legal framework known as “The Law of the River”. In recent years, the highly publicized restoration of the Colorado River Delta region has driven the burgeoning movement to ensure that water is allocated to natural areas throughout the Colorado River Basin.

To ensure success, a variety of stakeholders across numerous departments within a municipality must come together to support, plan, and implement projects that protect and restore natural areas.

You’ll learn about:

  • The multiple benefits that flowing rivers provide to local communities
  • The challenges associated with securing the appropriate water flows to sustain natural habitat
  • The collaborations necessary to implement and sustain projects over the long term