Poster: Strategies for Downtown Deliveries

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Urbanization is a global trend that is placing heightened and complex demands on the streets of cities and towns. Convenience, and the availability of goods and services, is critical for the high quality of life that makes these communities desirable. 

A livable downtown, rich with commerce, is dependent on the movement and delivery of goods to residents, businesses, and institutions. Modern trends including consumerism and the growing service sector have elevated the demand on already strained urban networks. This activity goes beyond commercial cores as direct-to-consumer deliveries (e-commerce) continue to grow. The transportation planning process must seek to strike a balance between freight operations and community goals, in order to ensure the livability for which most cities strive. 

Forward thinking cities and regions have taken a proactive approach to fully incorporating freight delivery considerations into major planning initiatives such as complete streets efforts and new requirements for residential developments located in vibrant downtowns. This poster will explore the new trends in freight deliveries driven by technology and the growth of e-commerce. This poster will illustrate various strategies to accommodate deliveries in downtowns and dense residential developments, providing tools for local municipalities, traffic operation managers, businesses, and local residents.

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Karen Cilurso , AICP , , Haddonfield , NJ (see bio)
Michael Ruane , Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission , Philadelphia , PA (see bio)