Creating Public Access on the Waterfront

You'll learn about:

  • How several North American cities are creating new public space at the water’s edge, reclaiming the waterfront as a public benefit, and integrating and leveraging new and renewed development

  • How cities are looking to new financial and partnership models to finance waterfront public access and new zoning models to insure access and the long-term opportunity for waterfront improvements 

  • The legal constraints associated with the various models and how state laws may limit the ability to require waterfront public access

The reclamation of long-shunned waterfronts has become a defining feature of the 21st-century city. Increasingly, North American and international cities are reclaiming waterfronts for a diverse range of activities. Upon nearly every urban shore, it seems, once-gritty industrial zones have been reborn as newly desirable neighborhoods, derelict piers and bulkheads supplanted by condominiums and waterfront walkways. But as renewed interest in waterfronts spurs new residential and commercial growth, how do the waterfront parks, walkways, bikeways, and plazas get created? Explore how cities are taking new and novel approaches to creating waterfront public access to bring new life onto the waterfront.