New Urbanism vs. New York Urbanism

Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 10:45 a.m. - noon
CM | 1.25
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You'll learn about:

  • Differences in creating mixed use environments between high density cities like New York and smaller, lower-density cities
  • How to comprehend fundamental differences in zoning approaches—including form-based and Euclidian zoning—and their practical application

  • Tools and strategies to integrate open space in both high-density environments and traditional town planning

  • Techniques to improve and integrate transit and walkability in New York and other cities large and small

Is New York unique in its big-city approach to planning? Can its planning and development strategies be applied to other cities and towns? What can New York learn from the New Urbanist approach of some other cities and towns? Explore topics such as density management, effective zoning, city-scale sustainability and resilience, mixed uses, open space integration, walkability, transit, and vibrancy as they pertain to these (and other) questions.

Big city planning as embodied by New York  and the traditional town planning of New Urbanism are often seen as opposing approaches. Listen in as leading practitioners from each “school of thought”  face off in a mock debate designed to illuminate their differences as well as find the common ground that underlies both philosophies. How should cities and towns manage density? What kind of zoning controls are most effective for guiding growth? How do you engage communities? How can planning address sustainability and resilience at the urban scale? How does each approach encourage mixed uses or integrate open space? What is the role of transit and how do you promote walkability? How are vibrant, livable places created? 

Hear what these experts have to say—and leave with a much deeper understanding of the tools and techniques you have to address these planning and design challenges.



Senen Melchor Antonio , DPZ , Miami , FL (see bio)
Jack Robbins , FXCollaborative Architects , New York , NY (see bio)