Private-Sector Planners as Change Agents

You'll learn about:

•    Innovative models for tackling problems that have previously seemed insurmountable 
•    Encouraging community members to take a key role in defining resolvable community issues 
•    How private-sector planners can become “change agents” as they match their clients’ community goals and visions with tangible solutions 

The planning toolbox is growing rapidly, allowing planners to translate a community’s vision more quickly than ever before—and thus transform how community members view cities and the urban planning process. As private-sector planners tasked with translating a city’s challenges into tangible solutions, we must stay on top of innovative planning advancements and employ them to meet our clients’ community goals. This facilitated discussion will explore recent innovations in addressing some of the most pressing challenges faced by urban areas, from housing affordability and cost-effective resilient design to transportation demand management and urban infrastructure funding.