Deconstructing Zoning for Repopulation

You'll learn about:

  • How to look at zoning in a completely different way by thinking critically about zoning regulations and their intent
  • How zoning regulations have evolved into what they have become and how that evolution fits into today's cities and towns
  • How updating and eliminating zoning regulations designed to address big-city problems like overcrowding can foster development in smaller cities and towns where repopulation is needed most

Regulating for overcrowding is at the core of zoning, but in under-populated places zoning often creates barriers to development where investment is needed most. Removing unnecessary zoning regulations can open the door for revitalization and repopulation—making red tape pinker, urbanism leaner, and zoning smarter. During this "zoning boot camp," we will deconstruct and reconstruct zoning in a way where you will never think about zoning the same way again.

Minimum lot size and off-site parking requirements are pervasive in zoning codes across America. But are they really necessary anywhere other than in crowded cities? What we see, in fact, is that many of our current zoning practices stand directly in the way of our goals for places, walkability, innovation, job creation, and a place’s ability to adapt to change. The good news is that this is a fixable problem.

Learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct zoning so that it works to achieve repopulation. Explore the fiction that forms the basis for certain zoning regulations where the reality may not support them. Discover how to review your community's land-use codes to verify that they address real and legitimate concerns and regulate only what is truly necessary to protect and promote public health, safety, and welfare.