Poster: Legislating for Equal Access: Places for People

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Several related typologies of small-scale, pedestrian-focused urban design have emerged over the last decade as a synthesis of community action and progressive experimentation on the part of governments.  Interventions like parklets, pedestrian plazas, ‘urban prototypes,’ and ‘pop-up’ places range temporal scale from two years to two days and all differ in physical form; yet all emerge from a common thrust of user-generated activism to redress an impoverished pedestrian environment and regenerate the social functions of neighborhoods.


Initiatives launched by the City of San Francisco exemplify a new mode of urban design and governance that emphasizes the everyday citizen as a crucial contributing partner in the production and long-term stewardship of public places.  This session will highlight ‘Places for People,’ an endeavor lead by the San Francisco Planning Department that creates a citywide, interagency framework for facilitating community-initiated public space projects recently tested by the City. These project examples evidence the City’s innovative and pioneering approach to optimizing walkability and social resilience of neighborhoods.

The ‘Places for People’ Program introduces sweeping code changes and finance tools that officially incorporate ‘placekeeping’ methods into it he City's mode of delivering added value to neighborhoods by nurturing partnerships between residents, institutions, advocates and policymakers.

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Robin Abad Ocubillo , City and County San Francisco , San Francisco , CA (see bio)