Poster: BIKEIRONBOUND | From Vision to Reality

Bicycle facilities have often been built without attention to the comfort of those who may be interested in bicycling but dislike interaction with motor vehicles. However, a growing body of research related to cycling behavior and successful bicycle networks has led to the development of many new and innovative metrics for evaluating how well a bicycle network serves the needs of all potential users.

BIKEIRONBOUND, a bicycle master plan for Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood, demonstrates how these new metrics can be integrated into the planning process to guide the development of a bicycle network that is attractive to these “interested but concerned” potential bicyclists. BIKEIRONBOUND utilized a bicycle level of traffic stress (LTS) analysis to evaluate the existing roadway network, identify gaps, and guide the selection of appropriate bicycle facilities. Through a before/after comparison, the City was able to demonstrate the impacts of implementing the proposed network to the average bicyclist. The LTS analysis was supplemented with a demand analysis to identify key network links that provide access to major destinations.

Building on the momentum behind the plan, Newark quickly implemented several pilot projects to begin to realize the Plan’s vision and transform mobility options in the Ironbound.

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