Poster: Food as Community Development

The Sustainable Communities Institute (SCI) leads projects that are focused on using food as a trigger for community revitalization.  These projects all use food production through the ECSIA® system, an aquaponics process that produces more food for less money than traditional farming practices, and provides food year-round rather than for a single growing season. The system is a perfect match for urban agriculture initiatives that utilize vacant land, abandoned buildings, or underutilized green space. It enhances sustainability plans with an eco-friendly, completely green, water conservation strategy, with zero waste.

With the large volumes of food produced, local micro-businesses can be developed that address direct sales, such as co-op grocery stores, farmer’s markets, food trucks, and institutional sales. Local value-adding activities can empower local residents to develop products that celebrate family traditions and the cultural richness of the community. 

The poster illustrates how these efforts can be combined into a Sustainable Living and Growing Center ™ that becomes the hub for neighborhood redevelopment. The SLGC provides training, employment opportunities, and empowerment through entrepreneurship.

It is a catalyst for reestablishing the local economy and building wealth in each community, stimulating local businesses, and celebrating the unique character of each neighborhood.

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