The Role of Professionals in Student Learning Assessment

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
CM | 1.25
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You'll learn about:

  • The drivers and fundamentals of student learning and outcomes assessment in higher education

  • The various ways planning programs are ensuring students have the skills required to work as planners

  • Opportunities for professionals to work with local universities and planning faculty in student learning and outcomes assessment

The profession has a long-term vested interest in the success of planning programs and its students. After all, as graduates they will go on to plan our communities, cities, towns, villages, etc. Practitioners have a personal stake in the performance of planning programs and their students; therefore it is critical that they are engaged in student and programmatic assessment. Surprisingly, not all planning programs engage practitioners in their assessment processes. This session will explore how planning programs have engaged local employers, the local APA Chapter and alumni to ensure that students are learning what they need to know to be successful planners.  Panelists will discuss ways practitioners can support program’s efforts and advocate for the professions involvement in outcomes assessment at their local university. 

University at Albany Master of Regional Planning Program Flyer


Marcia Kees , Waterford , NY (see bio)
Hilary Nixon , San Jose State University , San Jose , CA (see bio)
Eric Kelly , FAICP , , Muncie , IN (see bio)
Catherine Lawson , State Univ of New York , Albany , NY (see bio)
Shonagh Merits , Planning Accreditation Board , Chicago , IL