Poster: Overcoming Federal Grant Delays, Detours & Diversions

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

State governments solicit, review, and award Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grants to local governments seeking to make pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to and from school. Many communities are successful in implementing these federal grants, but some are not. Researchers from Rutgers University interviewed all recipients of SRTS grants in NJ. Researchers determined projects that had been fully executed, those that were still in process, and those where communities had chosen not to pursue funded projects. Failure to complete projects, including where recipients have opted to decline grant funds, poses concern federal grant implementation. Interviews addressed the challenges encountered by SRTS grantees and the conditions that may lead a community to abandon a funded SRTS project. Researchers explored the nature of delays, conditions that led communities to walk away from federal funds and learned more about the characteristics of successful projects. This poster identifies promising practices utilized by those entities that completed SRTS projects and successfully achieved their goals despite difficulties during the process. This research identifies ways the grant fulfillment process breaks down and how these difficulties may be overcome. 

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Leigh Ann Von Hagen , AICP , , Netcong , NJ (see bio)
Stephanie DiPetrillo , Voorhees Transportation Center , New Brunswick , NJ (see bio)