Reading Beyond Death and Life

Saturday, May 6, 2017 | 1 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.
CM | 1.25
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You'll learn about:

·         How Jane Jacobs became an influential urbanist, inspiring activist, and successful author for more than 40 years.

·         What “import replacement” means and why it is essential in economic development.

·         Why city economics are important, and how national economic policies are often harmful.

·         What are the essential—but competing—morals of work, and why we should understand them.

·         What are the warning signs of a declining civilization and what we should do about it.

·         The value of reading for personal and professional development.

Jane Jacobs has arguably been the most notable urbanist, activist, and author within the modern era of urban planning. Yet few planners have ventured beyond her 1961 classic The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Why? In response to that question, panelists from various cultural, educational, and professional perspectives will share what they have gleaned from studying Jacobs’ canon of work. Attendees will learn how Jacobs rose to notoriety, what books she wrote, the topics she addressed, and whether her work is relevant for planners today. Discussion topics will include urban history, city economics, community values, and cultural observations.


Peter Laurence , Clemson University School of Architecture , Clemson , SC (see bio)
James Anglesey , Logan , UT (see bio)
Xiaoxia Dong , University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia , PA (see bio)
Dina Williams Blaes , The Exoro Group , Salt Lake City , UT (see bio)
Michael Maloy , AICP , Herriman City , Herriman , UT (see bio)
Mark McGrath , AICP , City of Taylorsville , Taylorsville , UT (see bio)