Diversity Forum

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 9 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
CM | 1.25
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You'll learn about:

  • Effective strategies to increase diversity in planning and how these efforts help planners promote and advance social equity

  • The efforts undertaken by the APA to increase diversity, and the strengths and weakness of various outreach strategies

  • The perceptions, viewpoints, and life experiences of students and professional planners of color in urban planning programs and the workplace

  • The benefits of embracing diversity in workplace and in academia

  • Identifying whether planning programs are preparing planners to deal with diversity issues once they become practitioners

  • Strategies to promote diversity in urban planning programs and the workplace

As communities become increasingly diverse, practitioners, particularly in the public sector, are faced with not only rectifying the effects of past social injustice and mitigating systemic racism and sexism, but also addressing new needs to ensure even the most marginalized citizens have a high quality of life. More representation and agency of marginalized groups is central to this; however, it largely goes unnoticed that planning academia and practice have struggled to retain diversity and promote cultural competency among planners. Across the nation, there are more institutional debates regarding how best to support workforce diversity, urban planning academic curricula, and within our student and faculty bodies. However, there has been limited research that examines how practitioners, students, and faculty perceive or experience diversity within the urban planning field. A panel of researchers, current and pass leaders of the APA will discusses effective approaches to increase diversity in planning, at practitioner level, the academic and student level, and within APA. A panel presentation will include APA leaders who will discuss the effectiveness of APA diversity efforts since the inception of the Diversity Committee and coordinators of two recent diversity studies will explore perceptions and personal experiences of diversity within planning programs and in the workplace, share tangible strategies to better foster diversity, followed by small group discussions to share experiences and new ideas about stategies to effectively increase diversity in planning.


Giovania Tiarachristie , Brooklyn , NY (see bio)
Fleming El-Amin , AICP , FHWA , Washington , DC (see bio)
Mitchell Silver , FAICP , Brooklyn , NY (see bio)