Poster: Augmented Reality: A Public Outreach Tool

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
This proposal is a two part exploration of the trends and potential of augmented reality on the fields of planning and design. The first section will present findings from the research on use of augmented reality in the past and present. In the past in order to understand what a particular design for a building or a street will look like, 3D renderings and views have been used. But, augmented reality offers the user to experience the design in real time through apps and programs. This proposal will interview companies like “UrbanplanAR” in Europe to understand how this technology is being used in building design and planning.
The second section of the research will focus on the present and future trends, which will include conducting a survey on Pokémon GO users and non-users, interviewing public agencies (Police and DOT) businesses and business improvement districts who have used the game as a tool to attract business and improve tourism. In the past and present tools like wikimapping and google mapping have been used as a public outreach tools, this study will explore how augmented reality can be used as a mainstream public outreach tool to attract people and understand their needs. The proposal will also explore development of a mobile application to be used as a public outreach tool using augmented reality. The application can help stakeholders involve their audience through technology in the public particiaption process.


Vineela Pentyala , Rutgers university , Weehawken , NJ
Ruchi Shrivastava , AICP , Plainsboro , NJ