Long Beach - Community Resurgence Post Superstorm-Sandy

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 8:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
CM | 7
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You'll learn about:

  • Implementation of resilient infrastructure/practices- stormwater mitigation measures, bulkheading, etc.

  • The challenges of following federal and state guidelines – building codes, funding, etc.

  • Developing consensus

  • How to plan for a natural disaster – short vs. long term planning

  • Leveraging funding to include resiliency strategies above as built conditions

  • How to get back to business post disaster (Economic Development and Marketing)

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy devastated every home, business and much of the City’s critical infrastructure leaving the community without basic water, sewer and electric for nearly two weeks. Over 4 years later, the City continues to rebuild stronger, smarter and safer than pre-storm conditions. The rebuilding of the City’s oceanfront boardwalk includes resiliency measures such as a retaining wall to assist in wave action dissipation which protects the boardwalk and prevents the destruction of properties. For addition protection, the Army Corp of Engineers is beginning a major oceanfront project to rebuild the jetties and groins and create dunes to the height of the boardwalk. Along the Bayfront, a portion of which is a low socio-economic area called North Park that has been subject to both storm and tidal flooding, uniform bulkheading for the length of the entire north shore is the next critical project being implemented with federal funds from FEMA and HUD-CDBG-DR. The neighborhood most severely damaged during the storm was the West End which historically was comprised of small bungalow style homes on very small lots. Post-Sandy the character of this area has changed significantly, with homes becoming FEMA compliant by substantial raising of homes. The mobile workshop will consist of a shuttle/walking tour through these three major neighborhoods in the City (Oceanfront, North Park and the West End), focusing on the steps taken to achieve funding, consensus and implementation of the resiliency aspects post-Sandy, and will end with lunch in the City’s West End. Along the route, experts on key resiliency aspects will join us.



Jack Schnirman , City of Long Beach , Long Beach , NY (see bio)
Jim Lacarrubba , City of Long Beach , Long Beach , NY (see bio)
Scott Kemins , City of Long Beach , Long Beach , NY (see bio)
Emily Humes , Forest Hills , NY (see bio)
Patricia Bourne , City of Long Beach , Glen Cove , NY (see bio)
John Mirando , City of Long Beach , Long Beach , NY