Poster: The State of Craft Breweries in Georgia

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

The State of Georgia has laws in place that do not allow breweries to reach their entire potential in the craft brewing industry. Georgia being a conservative state, it is understandable why Georgia is last in the United States for craft breweries to base their facility. However, there is a small number of breweries that have been running their facilities in the State of Georgia for a few years and still in business regardless of the blue laws in place. In Athens, Georgia there are 3 breweries: Creature Comforts, Southern Brewing Company, and Terrapin. Each of those breweries has its own unique community focus that supports the local business campaign.

Craft brewing is a community that focuses not on competition, but collaboration. The difference between breweries from wineries and distilleries? Wineries and distilleries are categorized as agriculture, allowing a different set of freedom laws. The collaboration aspect in the brewing industry can show how sustainable the industry is. The one competition there is for all craft breweries is the fight against the macro breweries like Miller and Budweiser.

The craft brewing industry is viable in Georgia, but can have more potential if Georgia worked with the Georgia’s Craft Brewers Guild to produce craft brewery friendly laws, that could bring the same numbers as other locations such as Asheville, NC. The comparison between Athens, GA and the population in cities with a large number of breweries could provide an economic potential for Georgia. 


Evelyn Mera , Athens , GA (see bio)