Poster: IA Reuse Readiness Tool

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

The Eastern Central Intergovernmental Agency (ECIA) serves a five-county area in Iowa characterized by farming communities and small industrial hubs. These towns can range in size from fewer than 100 residents to nearly 58,000, and the opportunities and challenges posed by brownfields in this area are likewise varied. However, regardless of community size, brownfield revitalization can yield important benefits for the economic, social, and physical health of a community. In fact, the smaller the town, the higher the proportion of residents within it who may be impacted by a derelict and potentially contaminated site.

The IA Reuse Readiness Tool was developed by graduate students in the University of Iowa’s School of Urban and Regional Planning to assist ECIA and the communities it serves in identifying and prioritizing brownfield sites. Recognizing that community engagement becomes all the more critical to the process where there is limited staff and technical resources, the tool was designed to be user-friendly and versatile. The scoring system allows for community and regional priorities to be factored into the assessment process and helps identify which sites should receive Phase I and II testing to facilitate redevelopment.


Jay Fieser , Region 1 Planning Council / Rockford Metropolitan Agency for Planning , Rockford , IL (see bio)
Robert Caudill , Iowa City , IA (see bio)
Sarah Gardner , Davenport , IA (see bio)
Li-Wen Liu , Iowa City , IA (see bio)
Activity Type: Posters
NPC Topic: Environment