Poster: Engaging Marginalized Populations in Sustainability

You'll learn about:

  • How a third-sector organization is empowering and engaging marginalized populations
  • How planners can support or emulate third-sector organizations
  • How to meet the needs of marginalized populations through data and cross-collaboration 

Planners are often tasked with the challenge of engaging and providing opportunities for marginalized populations to live sustainable lifestyle. This poster both identifies the connection between nutrition, sustainable design, and marginalized populations and examines the effectiveness of third-sector participation. The goal? To help planners understand their role in facilitating or supporting such systems.

The poster draws on qualitative research, including literature reviews, precedent studies of various theories, and work with Service Agricultural Vocation Education Farm (S.A.V.E. Farm) as the third-sector organization. S.A.V.E. Farm strives to bridge the gap between the national need for farmers by training transitioning service members and veterans to become farmers.

Learn how S.A.V.E. Farm transitions a marginalized population into living a sustainable lifestyle and contributing to a sustainable society. The poster will present a model that can help planners empower and engage marginalized populations in sustainable agriculture and design.