University of Missouri–Kansas City Spaces

Monday, May 8, 2017 | 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

You'll learn about:

  • Major design opportunities for a major university campus
  • How students can take part in reimagining a university campus

In 2016 APA's Missouri Chapter awarded UMKC Spaces Student Exploration of Places the Outstanding Student Project Award. Together the University of Missouri–Kansas City’s Urban Planning + Design students and faculty developed a series of design recommendations for the UMKC Campus Master Plan. Students synthesized existing campus plans, did exploratory analyses of existing data, and conducted interviews with key stakeholders, including the university’s board of trustees, to produce new visions for the University of Missouri–Kansas City campus. 

This poster showcases major urban design opportunities for the university's Volker campus, guided by exploring elements of the public realm. The students integrated their own historical and ethnographic studies to better understand the way space and activity were perceived by students, faculty, and visitors. Four phases of study informed the final design recommendations: first impressions, design elements of the public realm, geospatial analysis, and Volker campus design interventions for the year 2025. Seeking to use urban design to create a healthier, more interactive, and more vibrant student climate on UMKC’s Volker campus, the final recommendations will support the next update of the Volker Campus Plan.



Bryan Jackson , Olathe , KS (see bio)
Nicolette Wallis , Kansas City , MO
Camila Segura Rivera , Kansas City , MO
Cameron Casey , Kansas City , MO
Abigail Newsham , Kansas City , MO (see bio)
David McCumber , Kansas City , MO (see bio)
Taylor Vande Velde , Lenexa , KS
Alexander Gilbertson , Kansas City , MO
Rawya Alrammah , Toganoxie , KS
Activity Type: Posters
NPC Topic: Urban Design