Park-and-Ride, Wise or Not?

Park-and-ride facilities are very common at mass transit stations in U.S. cities. Park-and-ride is considered as an effective way to prevent people driving their cars in to core urban area and reduce congestion. But in huge metropolitan area, do park-and-ride facilities encourage people to take public transit, and benefit development nearby?
The poster chooses the Gold Line in Los Angeles as the case. It is a 31-mile light rail line running from Azusa to East Los Angeles via Downtown Los Angeles serving several attractions. The line firstly opened in 2003, then expended in 2009 and 2016, and provides park-and-ride facilities at 16 stations among its 27 stations.
The poster will firstly tell the existing condition of park-and-ride facilities near Gold Line stations, then select stations which do or do not provide park-and-ride facilities, examine the relationship among park-and-ride facilities, population density and ridership, employment growth, land use change, health-related factors and property value, finally conclude that whether putting park-and-ride facilities near mass transit station have more benefits than deficiencies.
Planners will be inspired to reconsider whether park-and-ride is a wise choice.