Chinatown & Little Italy Walking Tour

Sunday, May 7, 2017 | 9 a.m. - noon
- Mobile Workshop - Walking
CM | 3
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This tour is focused on the experiences of immigrants coming to, living in, and departing from New York City’s Chinatown and Little Italy neighborhoods. The tour will identify the local human impacts of global economic forces in a ‘global city.’   It will provide observations on life cycles in New York City’s immigrant neighborhoods. The tour will conclude with a discussion of community economic development approaches that may help immigrant populations to become more resilient to global market forces.


The walk will start at the center of Chinatown at Chatham Square and walk through the Manhattan Civic Center to the African Burial Ground.  It will return to Chinatown for a quick pick up lunch along Mott Street with a lunch break of 20 minutes.  Some refreshment options include Xian Famous Foods, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Fried Dumpling, and Vivi Bubble Tea.


This will be followed by a walk to Little Italy north on Mulberry and stopping at Hester Street and walking to the Wyndham Garden Hotel (rooftop cocktail lounge called Rooftop 93 to take in the view.  It will conclude with a walk to the Grand Street subway station to return to Javits Center.



Wellington Chen , , Bsa , Little Neck , NY
David Burgy , AICP , Astoria , NY
Activity Type: Mobile Workshops
Mode of Transportation: Walking