One Water Planning: New Directions for APA

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 | 8 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.
CM | 1.25
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APA has affirmed as an organizational priority that water – the earth’s most essential and ubiquitous resource – is a central element of the built and natural environment that requires focused attention by planners. As systems thinkers, cross-sectoral collaborators, and change agents within local governments, planners are uniquely positioned to advance the sustainable management of water resources.  APA’s commitment to help planners manage water resources more sustainably requires new tools, new means of networking and knowledge transfer, and expanded resources.

Building on the foundation laid by the Water Working Group (WWG), APA is creating a Water and Planning Program and Network that consists of the following components, to be described in the session:

  • Water and Planning Network: APA is developing an interdisciplinary interactive forum for sharing knowledge, best practices, and resources.
  • Water and Planning Knowledgebase: APA is developing a comprehensive, searchable, and interactive database of resources and best practices on water and planning.
  • Water and Planning Education: APA is developing educational content around water and planning topics, to be incorporated into APA’s existing education programs.
  • Water and Planning Policy: The above work will proceed under APA’s Water Policy Guide (ratified by its Board of Directors in 2016), which focuses on a One Water approach and strategy for water resource management.


Daniel Van Abs , AICP , Rutgers University , Dayton , NJ (see bio)
Danielle Gallet , Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) , Chicago , IL (see bio)
Anna Read , AICP , American Planning Association , Washington , DC (see bio)
William Cesanek , AICP , CDM-Smith , East Brunswick , NJ