South Bronx: Housing, Highways, and History

Sunday, May 7, 2017 | noon - 4 p.m.
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The Bronx has a rich history of development from stability to disinvestment and back again. Through this workshop, Bronx Borough Planners will use the borough’s history to help participants understand how affordable housing programs and polices of different eras can shape, stabilize, and repopulate declining neighborhoods, how embracing grass roots efforts and cultural identity can strengthen the planning process, and how transportation infrastructure decisions divorced from land use considerations can undermine communities and how planning can bridge this divide.

As part of this walking tour, you will visit vibrant communities that suffered devastating population losses in the 1970s and 1980s (lost 2/3rd of population), and walk the streets of significant communities that shaped the South Bronx revitalization (Charlotte Gardens) as well as areas of future growth (Bronx River). We will discuss planning efforts that helped the borough recover from devastating population losses to become the fastest growing county in the state. We will discuss how regulatory tools have evolved from Urban Renewal Areas to zoning districts to Mandatory Inclusionary Housing. Participants will learn about the local planning efforts around the Sheridan Expressway and Bronx River, the revitalization of Tremont Avenue and Third Avenue, and how Arthur Avenue, named one of “America’s Great Streets” by APA in 2016, has kept its character through the years. Plan to enjoy dinner on your own in Belmont, or visit the NY Botanical Garden or Bronx Zoo.



Carol Samol , AICP , Bronx , NY (see bio)
Shawn Brede , AICP , Mr. , Bronx , NY
Michael Parkinson , AICP , New York , NY