2018 National Planning Conference

Transformation of Denver's Airport City @den

Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 1 p.m. - 2:15 p.m. CDT

Location: 227

CM | 1.25

Cost: Included in Registration

Activity Type: Educational Sessions

Activity ID: NPC188232


  • How to identify "airport city" planning opportunities for your city
  • How airports function as public-sector developers
  • How non-aviation airport land enhances economic development


As cities reach for new economic drivers in a world where place-based economic development in planning and real estate development is increasingly important, the airport city concept is becoming a new model for urban economic development and innovation. As cities are pushing closer to airport edges, there is increased community conflict due to incompatible airport uses, airplane noise, and related community-airport incompatibilities. A new model of how to redefine the relationship between major airports and their host communities is seen at the city and county of Denver International Airport (DEN), which has embarked on a non-aviation land-use master plan to develop 1,500 acres within its 34,000-acre footprint that draws upon the competitive advantage of its Colorado experience and global access to draw commercial, retail, and industrial development to its adjacent non-aviation property. At DEN, new complementary non-aviation development will complement efforts to support local businesses, increase jobs, meet DEN aviation needs, and broaden city-wide and regional economic development goals while addressing demand for open space in adjacent Denver neighborhoods. Explore how airports can use master planing for non-aviation real-estate development as a revenue generator, city builder, and community-revitalization tool.

Session Speakers

Laura Aldrete
Denver International Airport
Denver, CO

Frederick L. Merrill Jr., FAICP
Sasaki Associates, Inc.
Watertown, MA

Katherine D. Collignon
HR&A Advisors, Inc.
New York, NY

Peter J. Park
Univ of Colorado
Denver, CO

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