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Fellows of AICP participate in a wide range of leadership and volunteer activities throughout the year. In the past, Fellows of AICP have been involved in the programs below.

College of Fellows Committee — Work Groups

The College of Fellows Committee of AICP is seeking to engage members of the College in the working groups of our committee. The working groups did a great job last year, and we're looking to make more progress in the year ahead. Fellows of AICP are encouraged to join. More information is below, or please e-mail

We are looking for Fellows of AICP to volunteer to help us move forward with: the communications strategy for the college, and work on session proposals for the 2014 National Planning Conference. If you served last year and would like to continue we would be delighted to have your involvement again this year. A description of the work of the groups is below:

Engagement Strategy Working Group: Bob Barber, FAICP

The Engagement Strategy Working Group shall:

1.0 Review and refine the draft Engagement Strategy as presented to the AICP Commission and the College of Fellows through its official communications venues and at the College of Fellows Annual Meeting in 2012.

2.0 In its review and refinement, the working group shall streamline and prioritize the strategies already developed, revise strategies for clarity, and organize the strategy to facilitate implementation.

3.0 The Engagement Strategy Work Group shall submit the results of its work not later than the end of August, 2012. A member of the College of Fellows Committee should be included in the work and correspondence of the group.

Communications Working Group: Cynthia Hoyle, FAICP

The Communications Working group shall:

1.0 list the kinds of communications in which the College should engage such as pending meetings, college projects and programs, current status of nominations and selections of the college, opportunities to volunteer, etc.

2.0 Evaluate our use of communication modes:

2.1 Identifycurrent and potential vehicles for communicating between members and between members and the College Committee. (blogs, websites, newsletters, list-service, conference sessions, snail-mail ...)

2.2 consider which communications vehicle fits which need best.

2.3 Evaluate the LinkedIn site for utility, ease of use,

3.0 Determine what needs to be communicated

3.1 What actions of the Committee, Commission, Board, APA staff or affiliate groups are not well communicated to members (procedures, deadlines, announcements, changes in standards, opportunities to engage in fellowship ...)

3.2 If there were better or more easily used communications tools for members to use, would they; and what would they communicate?

3.3 Report recommendations to the Committee

Conference Session Work Group: Phil Farrington, AICP

The Conference Session Work Group shall:

1.0 Develop multiple conference session ideas for the Atlanta conference

2.0 Determine how best to solicit session proposals

3.0 Solicit participation for the development

4.0 Is there an overall theme for the Atlanta conference? If so, it would be a good place to start.

5.0 Report recommendations to the FAICP Committee.

The work groups shall include the corresponding FAICP Committee member on discussions and communications. The first reports should be submitted by the end of August.

Engagement Strategy

The AICP Commission has approved an engagement strategy for College of Fellows.

Community Planning Assistance Teams

The Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) initiative is an AICP component of a broader APA Community Assistance Program. By pairing a multidisciplinary team of expert urban planning professionals from around the country with residents and other stakeholders from local communities, the place-based initiative seeks to foster community education, engagement, and empowerment. Each team member is selected for the specific expertise needed on the project. As leaders in the field of planning, AICP Fellows are excellent candidates for Team experts and we encourage them to submit a team member application.

Resume Clinic at the National Planning Conference

Every year during the National Planning Conference, APA offers one-on-one resume assistance to members as part of the jobs and career program at the conference. We are seeking experienced public- and private-sector hiring managers who can offer informed, practical advice to new, mid-level, and experienced job seekers in 15-minute drop-in sessions. Fellows are frequently ideal candidates. If you are planning to attend the next conference and would like to offer your professional advice to job seekers, please contact APA at

Great Places in America

APA's flagship program celebrates places of exemplary character, quality, and planning. Places are selected annually and represent the gold standard in terms of having a true sense of place, cultural and historical interest, community involvement, and a vision for tomorrow. Fellows of AICP have been instrumental in identifying and nominating these great places.

National Planning Awards

Each year, APA recognizes outstanding efforts in planning and planning leadership. Fellows of AICP regularly nominate great work and outstanding individuals. In addition, Fellows have sat on the jury panel.

APA China Program

Since China's economic reform in 1978, and especially since 1996, APA has been working closely on planning issues with central, provincial, and local governments in the People's Republic of China. In recent years, Fellows of AICP have served as host delegates. As delegates, Fellows provide tours of innovative planning projects in their local communities and lecture to foreign planning professionals on their area of expertise.