Columnist and APA Keynoter Molly Ivins Dies

Molly Ivins in 2006Addressing thousands of planners as the keynote speaker at APA's 2006 National Planning Conference, Molly Ivins told them this: "By being born in this country we are heirs to the most magnificent political legacy ever conceived. It is ours, we own it, we run it, and for those of you who feel inclined to dispense with the whole legacy out of apathy and disgust — don't do it. Stick with it and be heard."

Ms. Ivins died January 31, 2007, at the age of 62 after a long battle with breast cancer. A life-long journalist, she wrote a syndicated column that appeared in about 350 newspapers. The New York Times recalled that she was "rowdy and profane, but she could filet her ideological opponents with droll precision."

At the conference in San Antonio in her beloved home state of Texas, Ms. Ivins regaled planners with tales of Texas politicians and urged a positive attitude in the face of political turmoil and deceit: "My best advice is to keep a sense of humor about it and use your imagination when trying to right the wrongs around you."

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