APA Joins Coalition Dedicated to Childhood Play

The Partnership for Play Every Day is a nationwide, action-oriented partnership of unprecedented scope. Convened by the YMCA of the USA, the National Recreation and Park Association, and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education, the partnership is made up of a diverse group of premier organizations from the public, nonprofit, and private sectors, including the American Planning Association. Its goal is to increase opportunities for quality play, spaces for play, and voices for play through modes such as policies, school programs, community design, and land use planning.

The Partnership for Play Every Day website

Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has joined forces with the partnership and is sponsoring the Promoting Lifelong Active Communities Every Day or "PLAY Every Day" bill that would require federal agencies to support the development of a measurement tool to assist communities in identifying strengths and gaps in policies and programs for physical activity for children and youth. The bill would also authorize federal agencies to fund model communities of play to develop action plans that promote increased opportunities for play.

The partnership also released a report issued by the Stanford University School of Medicine that is the most comprehensive study to date of the science related to inactivity and the barriers preventing kids from being active. The report describes the lack of adequate physical activity in today's children and adolescents, summarizes factors contributing to this lack of activity, and suggests possible strategies for reversing this trend.

Together, the partners will work to convene, uplift, and enhance the existing works of public, private, and nonprofit sector institutions engaged in efforts to improve physical activity levels among youth and to establish new streams of collaboration among stakeholder groups locally and nationally.