U.S. House Blocks Superstorm Sandy Relief

Dear Members,

As 2013 begins, many in the northeast are still suffering due to the effects of Superstorm Sandy. Unfortunately, some members of the U.S. House chose to block any action on the $60B relief package already passed by the U.S. Senate. Both the Senate and the House will have to begin their efforts later this month as the 113th Congress gets down to work. Let's hope that the House rethinks its position of holding aid to suffering people and communities hostage to ideology.

James Rausse, AICP, Chuck Latini, AICP, and their colleagues are showing great leadership in New York and New Jersey as planners partner with other professionals in the recovery process now under way. Before the holidays, I was able to join colleagues in meetings with various governmental and not-for-profit organizations as we continue to determine how APA and our members can best provide added value to the process and to communities in the coming months.

Let me also thank many of you for your contributions to APA's Planning Foundation. Meaningful assistance requires adequate financial support as was the case after Katrina in 2005. Let me also ask everyone to consider supporting our work. Combined with support from other foundations, we will be in a position to play an appropriate role in the rebuilding in 2013.

Thank you,

W. Paul Farmer, AICP

W. Paul Farmer, FAICP
Chief Executive Officer
American Planning Association