Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden

Birmingham, Alabama

The Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden breaks all preconceptions about a sculpture garden experience. Here is a place to have fun and interact with the environment and artwork, a place that is welcoming to all — even the visually impaired, who "see" the sculptures through their sense of touch.

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Ferry Building

San Francisco, California

The restored Beaux Arts-style Ferry Building, once described as "a famous city's most famous landmark," is the quintessential picture of elegance with a 660-foot-long skylit nave and 245-foot-tall clock tower inspired by the 12th century bell tower in Spain's Seville Cathedral.

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Plaza Real

Boca Raton, Florida

Located at the epicenter of Boca Raton's Mizner Park, Plaza Real attracts users all hours of the day and night to mingle, relax, people-watch, or play. With views of unique Mediterranean-style architecture, access to the Boca Raton Museum of Art, the Count de Hoernle amphitheater, movie theaters, and an abundance of nearby restaurants and retail shops, visiting Plaza Real makes the ordinary seem special.

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Fountain Square

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Fountain Square, in the center of downtown Bowling Green, is considered by residents and community leaders to be the heart of their city and an iconic symbol of Bowling Green itself.

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The Emerald Necklace

Boston, Massachusetts

Spanning nearly 400 years of public involvement and advocacy, planning, land acquisitions, land filling, construction, and reconstruction, Boston's Emerald Necklace is one of the country's undisputed urban park crown jewels.

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Campus Martius Park

Detroit, Michigan

Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, former Mayor Dennis Archer's goal for revitalizing Campus Martius was nothing short of making the park "the world's best public space." Reopened in November 2004, the striking, 2.5-acre park was an instant success.

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Bryant Park

New York, New York

Today Bryant Park is a 9.9-acre lush green gem in midtown Manhattan, but only decades ago it was overrun with drug dealers and avidly avoided by the public. Renowned public space expert and author William "Holly" Whyte was convinced the park could be transformed into one of the country's outstanding public spaces.

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Rittenhouse Square

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The most  inviting of William Penn's original five public squares, Rittenhouse Square brings together all of Center City Philadelphia's southwest quadrant, a vibrant neighborhood of shops, offices, homes, schools, hotels, and cultural institutions. This mixture of uses and the surrounding buildings provides a constant source of people who use the square throughout the day and evening.

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Main Plaza

San Antonio, Texas

As one of the only surviving Spanish colonial plazas in the nation, Main Plaza has been a part of downtown San Antonio since the early 18th century. New World Spanish urban planners created a lively community here by connecting the city's cathedral with "Plaza de las Islas," as the area was originally named.

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Percival Landing Boardwalk

Olympia, Washington

Once a bustling harbor, by the 1950s Olympia's waterfront had become mostly industrialized with privately owned warehouses, lumber mills, and dumps and oil storage tanks blocking public access to the water. By the mid-1970s, however, a new chapter began to unfold when Washington Public Lands Commissioner Bert Cole announced that the state department of natural resources would declare a portion of the shoreline a public place.

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