Spring Street

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Spring Street twists, curves, and meanders along a high bluff in northwestern Arkansas. At every turn it offers something worth taking in, whether a breathtaking vista of Ozark Mountain Country or a piece of street art like the half-ton Humpty Dumpty sculpture sitting atop a limestone wall. City of Eureka Springs publicist Ken Rundel says it all adds up to a street that makes "people stop, smile, and laugh."

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5th Avenue

San Diego, California

The nine blocks of Fifth Avenue forming the heart of San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter provides a unique pocket of Victorian, Italian Renaissance, and Spanish Revival architecture surrounded by an eclectic mix of contemporary buildings.

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Bank Street

Wallace, Idaho

During the course of its 126-year history, Bank Street has brushed up against fate — and total ruin — three times. The street was rebuilt twice after two devastating forest fires around the turn of the 20th century, including the largest in U.S. history in 1910. Sixty years later, Bank Street began its third dance with death when the Federal Highway Administration proposed razing most of the street's historic buildings to route Interstate 90 through the center of town. The small mining town of 900 residents, led by businessman Harry F. Magnuson, defeated the federal proposal.

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Massachusetts Street

Lawrence, Kansas

Walk down Massachusetts Street with someone familiar with its history and the story that unfolds is one of perseverance and resolve. Originally settled prior to the Civil War, the town's main street was burned to the ground and left a pile of ashes by pro-slavery raiders in 1863. They targeted the city for its abolitionist stance and its participation in the Underground Railroad that aided escaping slaves. Slowly, Lawrence rebuilt itself and Massachusetts Street as Douglas County's primary commercial and social area.

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Wydown Boulevard

Clayton, Missouri

Known as much for its scenery and attractiveness for walking, jogging, and biking as its dignified historic neighborhoods, Wydown Boulevard serves both public and private users equally well.

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Broadway Avenue

Red Lodge, Montana

Broadway Avenue juxtaposes downtown Red Lodge and its late 19th century Western vernacular buildings against a backdrop of rugged mountain wilderness. There are no traffic lights, and local drivers yield to pedestrians.

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Washington Street

Hoboken, New Jersey

Vibrant and lively, Washington Street's unique sense of place is defined by its seemingly endless row of historic storefronts pressed against the edge of sidewalks; cross street intersections affording views of the Hudson River and New York City skyline;  concentration of popular restaurants, lounges, shops, and boutiques; and connections to  the Hoboken waterfront.

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Middle Street

New Bern, North Carolina

From a scenic waterfront to historic architecture, Middle Street encapsulates everything that makes New Bern special. The town's rich history — including colonial, Civil War, and early 20th century — is embodied in the street's beautifully restored homes, five churches, the early 20th century Blades Mansion, and vibrant commercial district. Access to the Trent River is just steps away. At the same time, the street is a cornerstone for the city as it works to reinvigorate its economy by capitalizing on its two greatest assets: its history and waterfront.

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Liberty Street

Franklin, Pennsylvania

The sense of pride and ownership community leaders and residents have for Liberty Street can be traced back to 1852 when a group of  volunteer citizens collected and planted oak, maple, and chestnut trees in Fountain Park, one of two downtown parks on the street.

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Washington Street

Middleburg, Virginia

Despite doubling as a major U.S. highway and the epicenter of commerce and entertainment in historic Middleburg, Virginia, Washington Street successfully balances through-traffic and pedestrians while holding onto its 18th century character.

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