Sustainable and Inclusive Housing and Community Development Program

Stemming from another grant funded by the U.S. Department of State, APA is implementing urban housing strategies in Latin America. APA is assisting and collaborating with four demonstration projects in Latin America, which address some of the most important issues in comprehensive regional planning and urban housing today.

The Ashoka Changemakers Sustainable Urban Housing: Collaborating for Liveable and Inclusive Cities Platform Competition served as a talent pool to select the four demonstration projects. Nearly 50 percent of the nearly 300 Ashoka Changemakers Platform Competition entries were from Latin America and the Caribbean, providing a rigorous and competitive selection process. APA and stakeholders reviewed and analyzed all entries to choose the top projects.

The four Latin American demonstration projects provide local and regional solutions to challenges common in Latin America. The projects were selected using criteria established under the ECPA II objectives: ability to "scale up" the implementation of local and regional solutions in urban housing; ability to address urban environmental issues while fostering community engagement; and the ability to replicate the project in the NGO's country and across Latin American to spark a spirit of collaboration across Latin America.

The four selected NGOs are: