CTS EMBARQ México in Mexico City, Mexico

EMBARQ México, an NGO located in Mexico City, will undertake a pilot project in Mexico's capital to improve public space and serve as a case study for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) strategies. The purpose of the project is to improve the quality of life for residents, act as a platform to trigger public life, and make more walkable and attractive spaces.

EMBARQ México will work with the local government of Mexico City to carry out a three-part implementation plan based on TOD concepts in public spaces to promote compact, walkable communities organized around high-quality rapid transit systems. Phase one will focus on specialized data collection through a survey of public space. Phase two will propose interventions using the data collected in the previous phase. These proposals will be shared and discussed with the community through workshops and will also be presented to the relevant actors in Mexico City. Phase three will implement the proposals with the goal that each of these is highly strategic and innovative, low cost, and with rapid implementation.

The pilot project has a potential for local governments throughout Mexico to replicate this process using integrated transport and urban development to promote people-friendly communities that are environmentally sustainable, economically profitable and create high quality of life.