Eficiencia Legal Para La Inclusión Social in Lima, Peru

La Eficiencia Legal para la Inclusión Social's (ELIS) Rimac Reborn Project focuses on the revitalization of downtown Lima's historical Rimac District. The Rimac District is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site designated in Lima. Slum housing is especially prevalent in older historic neighborhoods. Ninety-five percent of the buildings are not occupied by the property owners. Titleholder abandonment of properties causes the area to fall into disrepair and become unsanitary public health hazards. ELIS is working diligently to change the neighborhood dynamics in the Rimac District. ELIS successfully advocated the passage of national law that mandates any new residential urban development in the historic core to include a social inclusion component. To ELIS social inclusion is achieved by the acquirement of property rights and community led redevelopment.

The American Planning Association (APA) and ELIS will assist at least 60 families in the Rimac District to gain access to credit, acquire property rights to the current buildings they inhabit, and attract builders to invest in the redevelopment projects. ELIS coordinates with various governmental agencies to smoothly transfer property rights from the current deed-holders to the current residents, and upgrade the abandoned properties. The redevelopment process not only requires establishing relations with government agencies and the current residents, but with the private sector as well. ELIS will develop a dossier, or a marketing portfolio for each property to attract private sector redevelopment firms to invest in the newly established property owners.The outcomes of the Rimac Reborn Project will set the methodological standards for replication in the other 43 districts of Metropolitan Lima.

Update: November 12-16, 2013

Thomas Bassett and ELIS

ELIS received its first technical visit from Ana Cutts, director of Habitat for Humanity, Argentina. Cutts was chosen because of her housing experience in Buenos Aires, which is very similar to ELIS's Rimac Renace project. Her project in Buenos Aires's historic la Boca neighborhood is working within the confines faced by ELIS; they are creating affordable housing in a prime location for employment. Cutts, along with APA's Senior Program Associate, Thomas Bassett, visited Lima for a week to work intensively with ELIS's team, meeting with community members, and present at a conference.

Cutts and ELIS shared each other's experiences and brainstormed for a few days to find solutions for these complex housing projects. Both gained lots of ideas from this knowledge exchange. The group also toured the Rimac neighborhood, visiting various potential sites, had three community meetings, and met with various stakeholders. The week's visit culminated in presentations from the ELIS team, Cutts, and Bassett at the international seminar "Social Responsibility and the Complex Society," held at Peru's Catholic Pontific University.  

The group was able to identify the next technical expertise needed: real estate finance. The ELIS project is moving forward but is poised to figure out the details of financing a renovation. APA's team will start to look for and arrange the next technical visit with the best candidate for ELIS.

Eficiencia Legal Para La Inclusión Social in Lima, Peru