APA China Study Tour

China's Ancient Capitals: Exploring 2,200 Years of Urban Civilization

October 21–30, 2008

As it charges through the 21st century at a pace and scale of urbanization and economic transformation that is unprecedented in world history, China faces enormous planning challenges in housing, transportation, infrastructure, historic preservation, and environmental protection. How are the Chinese tackling these challenges? Find out on the APA China Tour October 21–30, 2008.

Only APA could offer a tour of China designed especially for American planners. Through its China Program, APA has been working for years to develop fruitful relationships among American planners, their Chinese counterparts, and Chinese decision makers in government and business. APA has arranged exclusive exhibitions, lectures, and forums for tour participants: a rare look at ancient city plans at the National Library of China, a sneak-peek at new archeological findings at the tomb of the terra cotta warriors, a talk with the chief engineer of the national historic preservation organization, and more.

The October 21–30, 2008, tour started in Beijing and ended in Nanjing. Tour participants had the option of extending their stay and attendind the Global Planners Network Congress in Zhenjiang and the World Urban Forum in Nanjing.