China Study Tour Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the total cost of the 2008 APA China Study Tour tour include airfare?

A. The total cost does not include international airfare. The price, however, does cover the travel costs within China during the dates of the tour (October 21-30, 2008) and to the Global Planners Network (GPN) Congress in Zhenjiang for those attending. All tour and GPN Congress registrants will need to obtain their own ticket from the U.S. (or other departure country) to Beijing for the start of the tour. Please remember you will lose one day in traveling when flying from the U.S., so you will need to book your flight to China a day ahead of your arrival date. You will also need to make your travel arrangements from Nanjing on Friday, October 31, 2008 (for those attending the tour only), or from Zhenjiang (for GPN Congress attendees) on Sunday, November 2, 2008. Special airfares are available through East Travel Agency, attention Alice Chou, 212-334-8333. Please contact Alice Chou for pricing information and other travel details.

Q. What is the Global Planners Network (GPN)?

A. The Global Planners Network (GPN) is a network of national planning associations and institutions established to advance the goals and best practices of planning worldwide. The GPN Congress will convene in Zhenjiang for three days immediately following the Study Tour to discuss the topics of urbanization, poverty, and climate change and hazards. The GPN Congress immediately precedes the World Urban Forum 4 in Nanjing, which is only 30 km away. For more on the GPN and the organizations involved, visit

Q. What is the cost of the 2008 tour?

A. For pricing details, see registration. Please note that the prices listed are based on double occupancy. For the study tour, there is an additional $800 fee for single occupancy. There is a special APA member rate, and also a special early-registration rate, which ends on August 31, 2008. Those registering for the Study Tour and the GPN Congress receive $100 off the total cost. If one member of a couple making the tour is a member of APA, both may register for the APA member rate.

Q. What are the registration options?

A. There is a choice between single and double occupancy. There is a fee difference if you are are an APA or GPN member.

Q. Are the prices on the registration page the full amount?

A. No, the registration page prices are for 50 percent of the full amount. APA will invoice you for the remaining balance closer to the start of the tour. Please note that there is a $500 cancellation fee.

Q. Does the APA China Study Tour qualify for CM credits?

A. Yes, the Study Tour is approved for CM | 15 credits.

Q. Is there any assistance available for visas, passports, etc.?

A. Yes, APA will help with questions. We recommend waiting until after the Olympics (in September), when the rules will be relaxed to apply for visas. For information on the China visa process and forms, visit Study Tour participants will use the "Tourist Visa."

Q. Are there any scholarship opportunities?

A. Yes, the Planning Foundation of APA is offering five student scholarships. Students currently enrolled in ACSP accredited programs are eligible to submit applications. For details, visit the registration page. All scholarship applications are due by July 30, 2008.

Q. Is the Study Tour open only to professional planners?

A. No, anyone with an interest in planning or Chinese history and development is welcome on the tour.

Q. How do I contact someone if I still have questions?

A. Please e-mail for any further questions.